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Monday, March 15, 2010

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PPIA Denounces Bill Brady for Anti-Choice Stance

Yesterday, March 9, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA) met with pro-choice advocacy groups, including Chicago NOW, Personal PAC and Progressive Action Project, the Illinois State PAC of Citizen Action, along with many other women business and political leaders, to discuss GOP Governor Candidate and State Senator, Bill Brady.

During the press conference, Beth Kanter of PPIA openly expressed her reaction to Bill Brady winning the gubernatorial seat, "I literally shuttered at the notion of him in the governor's office."

Brady's anti-choice record and opposing stance on health care funding is an indication of the negative effects his election could bring. The upcoming gubernatorial election is very important for all Illinoisans, determining the future of our state for the next four years, but it carries extra significance for the women of Illinois.

Kanter also stated, "His record demonstrates that he is anti-woman, anti-choice, and that his views are, quite frankly, antediluvian."

Click here for more on what was said at the press conference yesterday.

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Tell Your Story...

Hey activists and supporters:

Tell us why reproductive health care is important to you? Why do you support Planned Parenthood of Illinois? What experiences have you had as a pro-choice advocate?

Your story will be shared with elected officials and our supporters online through regular spotlights on this blog. As a dedicated supporter, your voice motivates fellow advocates and helps protect the reproductive rights of every woman in Illinois.

Here is the story of one of wonderful activists:

"I attended lobby day last year and I always find it to be very exciting. I'm never able to speak to my state rep but I always find someone who will listen. I always seem to get a little anxious, waiting and hoping that my name will be called by one of the doormen. Today I watched as a teen that came with us had her name called. She explained our purpose for being at the capital and handed the state rep a fact sheet about RHAA. The look on the young lady's face was priceless as her state rep told her that she was a co-sponsor for HB6205. Seeing things like this make me love the work that I do and keeps me dedicated." -April Thompson, Age 34

Tell Your Story is a collection of personal stories from activists and volunteers. Confidentiality is important to us, so we will protect it and use only the information that you are comfortable with.

Please contact [email protected] with your name, number and e-mail, if you are interested in participating!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Utah Anti-Abortion Law: An Update

A large scale Utah anti-abortion bill, which was sent to Gov. Gary R. Herbert for review, has been sent back to the state legislature unsigned. This bill, which caused a lot of outrage across the country, would have allowed a woman to be sentenced up to life in prison if her fetus died from "reckless" or "intentional" behavior.

The sponsor of this bill, Representative Carl D. Wimmer, withdrew this piece of legislation and removed the language that would have permitted women to be prosecuted for a "reckless act" that resulted in the death of the fetus. However, the revised bill still allows prosecution for a woman that performs "intentional" behavior that results in a miscarriage.

The case motivating this legislation is that of a 17-year-old girl who paid a man to beat her in hopes that it would result in the miscarriage of her 7-month-old fetus.

This case is a real tragedy. However, the larger problem, which GOP Choice pointed out, is that this 17-year-old felt she had to use such measures to end her pregnancy. If this young woman was aware of the resources at her fingertips, provided by organizations like Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations, she may never have been drawn to this extreme behavior.

We will be monitoring the outcome of this legislation in the coming weeks.

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Today is...

International Women's Day!

On this day, take a look at what Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is working on achieving for women all over the world. Since 1971, PPFA has been focused on winning reproductive health care for every woman, worldwide.

We can overcome the barriers to reproductive justice with your help!

Here is more information on PPFA's efforts and how you can get involved.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lobby Day Live: A Reflection

Lobby Day was a success!

Our activists spoke to a large number of state legislators and conveyed the importance of the Reproductive Health and Access Act (RHAA). Many of these representatives were receptive and willing to have constructive discussion with our advocates.

Here are some reactions from our wonderful supporters about their experience and why they decided to come out to Lobby Day today:

"I found a lot of support with the state rep I spoke with. My experience was great. I was able to really connect with my rep, and I am encouraged to continue doing work like this. " - Sandy, campaign supporter

"The bill is so important, because people need access and affordable health care. It was good to dialogue with these representatives, even the ones from conservative areas. As long as we are still talking, we are making headway." - Natalie, campaign supporter

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers and supporters that were willing to come to Springfield today, and help us make lobby day such a success!

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Lobby Day Live: Off to the Capitol!

The Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access supporters have just descended on the Capitol building! Today is Lobby Day and campaign supporters are lobbying in support of HB6205, the Reproductive Health and Access Act.

Why do we need RHAA in Illinois? We must protect the right of all Illioisans to a continuum of choices throughout their reproductive lives - from honest sexual health education, to access to quality birth control, prenatal care, and the right to choose abortion.

Campaign supporters met here in Springfield for a brief overview of the bill, followed by a group lunch, and then they were off! The crowd was revved up and ready to speak to their legislators about why they support HB6205. You could feel the excitement in the air!

Check back with us again later to hear from some of our supporters who lobbied at the Capitol today.

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Lobby Day Live!!!

Planned Parenthood of Illinois and our coalition partners are in Springfield to motivate the General Assembly to vote YES on HB 6205, the Reproductive Health and Access Act (RHAA)!!!

We have an awesome group of just under 100 volunteers and activists in our capital right now, ready and raring to speak to their State Representatives!!!

RHAA has three main goals:

1) To prohibit government inference for a woman to have an abortion, access to birth control, or carry a pregnancy to term.

2) To ensure age appropriate comprehensive sex education in all public schools in the state, with the option for parents to opt-out if they so wish.

3) To guarantee equal access for all reproductive health services, including pre-natal care or abortion, under Medicaid. This will enable all women, of all socio-economic classes to have their full right to reproductive choice.

In just a short while, our activists will be heading over to speak to their representatives!

Check back soon, we will keep you posted!!!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Response to Anti-Choice Theory

It has been a week since VA State Representative, Bob Marshall, made statements linking abortion to the presence of disabilities in subsequent children. Since then, he has clarified his statements, but his message remains the same:

A woman's right to have an abortion should be outlawed, because it literally causes, as a punishment from God, health concerns for future children. Marshall's remarks were as follows:

"The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children."

To many, this line of thought is not only flawed, but highly offensive to any woman who chooses to take their reproductive health into their own hands.

One contributor, sharkfu, has a brother who was diagnosed with severe autism and therefore has a unique perspective on Marshall's theory:

"My mother didn't bring autism down upon my brother and our family through her reproductive health care choices or poor parenting.

As my brother's advocate and guardian, I reject the "punishment from God" rhetoric because it is insulting at best and it attempts to absolve society of our responsibility to respect difference at worst. Many of the same so-called family value politicians who spew that mess are the same fiends who turn around and vote against autism insurance legislation and reject funding social programs that benefit older autistic folks like my brother."

Read this moving post in its entirety.

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March is Women's History Month!

Today marks the first day of Women's History Month, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

The National Women's History Project, the educational non-profit organization responsible for lobbying Congress to create this commemorative distinction, has named this year's theme to be "Writing Women Back into History."

Check out their website for more information, videos, posters, and even a women's history quiz!!

Also, in celebration of influential American women, take a look at this virtual exhibition called "Women of Our Time" that the National Portrait Gallery released to accompany a large scale traveling exhibition from 2002-2005. Among the women featured are Eleanor Roosevelt, Julia Child, Sylvia Plath, Ella Fitzgerald, and none other than Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger!!

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